In this episode, we mix up the format and are joined in studio by Ken Tuccio as a guest host.   We talk about beers we are drinking, events we’ve attended, some current things in the news and tell a whole bunch of random stories along the way.  Ken even decided it would be fun to make us drink Natty Ice on the air, so in retaliation we put him on the spot for this week’s One for the Road.


Episode Contents

00:00:00 – Opening and Sponsors

00:01:10 – Reminders and Notes

00:01:38 – Guest Host – Ken Tuccio

00:04:40 – What are we drinking?

00:10:35 – Beer Fests!

00:26:45 – What are we looking for in a beer fest?

00:33:46 – Drinking stories!

00:52:50 – In the News – Stone Sue Big Beer

01:07:00 – In the News – Red Stripe saves the Jamaican Bobsled team

01:15:35 – One for the Road


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