In this episode, we discuss different items and methods you could add to your beer to give it a unique flavor.  We also reveal the winners of our Secret Subscriber Giveaway and have a special guest One for the Road.

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In this episode, we introduce a homebrew competition we are hosting with No Worries Brewing Company later this fall. Get all the details and while you’re there, stick around for One for the Road.


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In this episode, we focus on one of Pat’s favorite styles: Gose. We talk about the history of the beer, what characteristics to expect and different ways to brew it. To wrap it all up, we go a totally different direction and talk about a spot that would never brew a gose in this week’s One for the Road.


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In this episode, Joe and Pat talk about their packaging methods: Bottling, growlers, kegging, you name it.  We also review a new secondary regulator from Gov Reg and Pat has a non beer One for the Road.


Episode Contents

00:00:00 – Opening and Sponsors

00:02:16 – Reminders and Notes

00:06:15 – Packaging Discussion

00:32:28 – Product Review – Gov Reg Secondary Regulator

00:55:44 – One for the Road


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