We are back after an unexpected week off!  We talk about some recent news from the Brewer’s Association, Pat reviews the Picobrew Pico C and Joe has a great One for the Road.


Episode Contents

00:00:00 – Opening and Sponsors

00:01:40 – Reminders and Notes

00:02:37 – Pat’s Gear Review – Picobrew Pico C

00:15:34 – In the News – Brewers Association New Style Guidelines

00:26:00 – In the News – Brewer’s Association 2017 Growth Statistics

00:33:14 – No Limits!

00:40:00 – One for the Road


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In this episode, Pat sits down with Chuck DelVecchio, the owner of the newly relaunched Hull’s Brewing Company.  We also talk about some things that really grind our gears which led to this episode getting our first explicit rating as we decided to really let loose.  And to wrap it all up, we have a guest One for the Road this week.


Episode Contents

00:00:00 – Opening and Sponsors

00:01:18 – Reminders and Notes

00:01:53 – What are we drinking?

00:03:03 – In the News – Tilted Barn

00:04:45 – What Grinds our Gears…

00:15:11 – Connecticut Distribution Limits

00:18:39 – Happy Birthday Joe!

00:25:02 – Interview – Chuck DelVecchio of Hull’s Brewing Company

01:03:20 – One for the Road


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