In this week’s episode, Pat has a chance to talk about his trip to Portland, Oregon for HomeBrewCon 2018.  There were all kinds of new products to be seen on the expo floor out there and we talk about a few of them:  post fermentation additions from HomeBrewX and the BrewSSSiphon from BrewSSSential.  As always, we close out with One for the Road, this time from the left coast.


Episode Contents

00:00:00 – Opening and Sponsors

00:01:30 – Reminders and Notes

00:02:45 – Glassware!

00:03:22 – West Coast Beer and Food

00:12:00 – HomeBrewCon 2018 Recap

00:31:30 – Interview with Peter of HomebrewX

00:35:43 – HomebrewX Review

00:47:03 – Interview with Anthony of BrewSSSential

00:51:10 – BreSSSiphon Review

00:57:37 – One for the Road


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